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Ebbin Moser + Skaggs, LLP, founded in 2002, focuses on complex matters involving environmental and natural resources law and strategy, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance with federal and state laws related to endangered species, wetlands, water quality and supply, public lands, and environmental review processes.  We represent a diverse range of clients throughout the United States, including private and public landowners; state and local governments and other public entities; large institutions; utilities and other public service providers; residential, commercial, natural resource, and renewable energy developers; agricultural interests; conservation organizations; and Native American tribes.  We bring to bear an unusual depth of experience and understanding of the issues and challenges associated with state and federal natural resources law, regulation, and policy.


EMS specializes in developing and implementing both project-specific and regional strategies for dealing most effectively with state and federal regulatory requirements in the context of our client’s specific needs.  In our experience every matter is unique, as each involves its own constraints and driving forces in terms of resource issues, land use considerations, design alternatives, project financing, property ownership status, project timing, interrelation with other regulatory processes (e.g., other state and federal regulatory requirements, local land use processes, environmental review, site remediation), cost, and political sensitivity.  We understand that “cookbook” approaches to these issues simply do not work.

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