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Marc Ebbin is a principal at EMS, where he focuses on legal and policy matters involving state and federal environmental and natural resources regulation.  Marc’s extensive background in these matters includes serving for nearly six years as Special Assistant to Secretary Bruce Babbitt of the U.S. Department of the Interior. 


Marc has gained a national reputation through his work developing innovative approaches and strategies to addressing a range of complex regional environmental challenges, including those involving the conservation of rare and endangered species, habitats, wetlands and watersheds.  He currently advises public and private clients throughout the West, including local, state and federal agencies; corporate and development interests; private landowners; utilities and energy developers; agricultural and timber operations; and land conservancies on complex environmental and natural resource regulatory matters.


While at the Interior Department, Marc was responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of departmental policies concerning the Endangered Species Act and habitat conservation planning, management and planning of national parks, and the relationship between federal environmental policies and state and local government and private landowner interests.  He also served as the lead federal representative for the experimental conservation planning program in San Diego and Orange counties, and oversaw special projects on behalf of the Interior Secretary concerning the Presidio of San Francisco and Yosemite Valley.

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