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Clean Water Act


We have substantial experience representing clients in permitting processes under sections 404 and 401 of the CWA and under state water quality and riparian resource regulatory programs.  For Section 404 projects processed through the Army Corps of Engineers, we have obtained numerous Individual Permits, which require preparation

and agency approval of complex 404(b)(1) Alternatives Analyses.  We have also processed numerous authorizations through the Nationwide Permit process.  In connection with all of these 404 approvals we have worked closely with

the Regional Water Quality Control Boards and State Water Resources Control Board to obtain necessary Section 401 water quality certifications. 
We also have unique depth of experience in crafting CWA regulatory approaches on a regional scale. 

For instance, we are assisting the California Department of Water Resources regarding the development of Regional General Permits to support large-scale restoration projects throughout the Bay Delta.  We have also worked with clients to develop innovative Special Area Management Plans (SAMPs) under the CWA in both Orange and San Diego counties.


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