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Litigation Support


We are continually mindful of the potential for litigation in every matter involving regulatory compliance, and we strive to minimize litigation risk as a matter of course.  First, we seek to effectively discourage litigation by designing and developing approaches to compliance that are legally and scientifically sound, and that ideally are acceptable to affected stakeholders.  Second, we focus on assisting the responsible regulatory agency in preparing both permitting documents and an administrative record that fully supports the ultimate permitting decision.  By doing so, we can provide the best possible basis for defending against litigation.

In certain cases, however, regulatory decisions result in litigation, and on occasion, raise important questions of regulatory interpretation or application.  We are accustomed to working with and supporting other attorneys who take the lead in litigating matters in which we have been involved or in which our expertise is sought.  We have contributed to a number of successful litigation outcomes through our collaboration with litigation attorneys.

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