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Public Agencies - Regional Conservation Plans


We have been at the forefront of the development of policies and regulations to support regional or large-scale approaches to habitat conservation planning, as well as the creation and implementation of such plans.  We have represented numerous jurisdictions in California and the West in the development of regional conservation plans that address a broad range of resources, including terrestrial and aquatic, and other land use issues.  We are currently working on conservation plans that involve urbanizing areas, working landscapes and agricultural lands, regional river and delta systems, linear gas and electric facilities, municipal water systems, and tribal lands.


  • San Diego County Multiple Species Conservation Program.  Prior to forming EMS, both Marc and David were involved in the landmark effort in San Diego County to develop the Multiple Species Conservation Program, a regional HCP and state Natural Communities Conservation Plan (NCCP) approved in 1997 that covers over 80 species across 900 square miles.  David represented the applicant (the City of San Diego), and Marc led this effort on behalf of the federal government in his role as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior.


  • Yolo County Natural Heritage Plan.  We are currently working with Yolo County on the preparation of a long-term HCP/NCCP to address activities occurring throughout the County.  The plan is the first county-wide HCP/NCCP to focus on a largely agricultural landscape. 

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