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  • Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.  We have been advising Clark County on the development of an amendment to the existing HCP for the Las Vegas Valley.  We are currently in the process of preparing an amended HCP that will provide increased coverage for residential and commercial activities and a more efficient process for plan implementation.  The amended HCP will result in a federal permit that authorizes take for desert tortoise and seventeen other species.    


  • El Paso County Regional Habitat Conservation Plan.  We developed a regional HCP for El Paso County, Colorado, which includes the City of Colorado Springs.  The HCP addressed the needs of species that occupy the riparian corridors that are being affected by rapid development and other land uses in the region.


  • City of Concord.  We represent the City of Concord regarding environmental and natural resources planning and permitting issues associated with the conversion of a former military base to multiple civilian uses.


  • Other Local Government Matters.  We have also assisted a number of other local governments and public entities in California on ESA and other regulatory matters, including counties of Sacramento, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, Placer, El Dorado, Merced, Alameda, and the cities of Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Livermore, Palo Alto, and Roseville.


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